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Multiple Date Appointment Reminder Cards for Physical Therapists


Sometimes the generic layout of just one appointment will not be sufficient. There are certain medical and dental fields where a patient will have a recurring appointment schedule within a short amount of time. This is especially true in the chiropractic and physical therapy fields, where a single patient might have multiple appointment dates in a single week or two-week time span. Rather than giving the patient several cards for each single date, it's much more efficient to have a multi-date reminder card with several fill-in the bland areas so that several dates can be place on the same card. See the sample below for a physical therapy office located in Lexington, Kentucky. There is room for five dates here...enough for every day of the week. There is also an area to circle the date of the week. In this case there is no room to place the cancelled appointment policy. This is easily remedied by placing the cancelled appointment policy on the back side of the card. As always, we offer free back side printing on all cards.

Multiple Date Appointment Reminder Cards for chiropractors

Our bi-color design with reversed text nicely compliments this card and makes it memorable so that it will not get thrown away.