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Resources for Card Design


We strive to be the primary source for appointment cards on the Internet. Jefferson Design has been in the print design field for over ten years and we were one of the first first to establish an online presence for business cards and graphic designs. Our cards use a thick, 16 point card stock, not the cheap flimsy 12 pt. card stock that you might find elsewhere. We also design are cards in full color and not just the generic cyan blue that is so common in reminder cards. We have recently begun offering multi-language cards.

Because of our innovative service, you now how options for getting your reminder cards, and you won't be just limited to expensive choices at your local printer, which might charge up to $100 for the same amount of cards but at a reduced quality. See our samples and look at our design styles. Want to see some hard copies? Don't hesitate to contact us for no-obligation/cost samples so that you can see how are cards look.

We've recently added some new color choices for our cards. Check them out. We have also started using linen card stock in addition to our standard matte card stock, which is the default choice.